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People-like view

Demonstrate how a switch between views via utilizing dynamic GraphRep and AdoScript.

Realization of view switch between technical view and people-like view. Technical view is the view, which contains technical notations as defined in modelling language and the people-like view is the view which is more detailed and more basic-user friendly. This view switch realized with using dynamic graphical representation and mechanism executes switching.



ADOxx Realisation Approach

This package provides an example for dynamic GraphReps. 

The graphical representation of objects depends on the value of two attributes (in our case the model attribute "People-like view"  and of the class "Task" the attribute "Task type"). This Package includes a detailed hands on and moreover a documentation of the functionality of the people like view.  

  • Documentation

Switch People-like view Documentation.pdf


Modelling Language Implementation

  1. Implement the concrete modelling classes of the domain
  2. Define modeltype and assign classes
  3. Add a boolean attribute, which describes the view state of the model
  4. Udpate the graphical representation to evaluate the attribute in 3) and change the graphical appearance accordingly.


Mechanisms and Algorithms Implementation

  1. Implement AdoScript to change the views


Implementation Result




Applied ADOxx Functionality

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