BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.0 Modelling Tool

Initial prototype that integrates Decision Modeling Notation (DMN) into the Business Process Model Notation (BPMN). No further cloud computing or CloudSocket specific contribution, but preparation of initial exploitation item to link BPMN – for modelling business processes and workflows – with DMN – for modelling annotation and deployment decisions.

Further reading on DMN usage find here: https://www.zenodo.org/search?page=1&size=20&q=cloudsocket%20DMN


BPaaS Design Environment Prototype

This BPaaS Design Envrionment prototype is seen as proof of concept and hence open for research and academic community. In addition to the aforementioned BPMN and DMN, another modelling type has been added to conclude with concrete BPaaS Bundles. Hence the total BPaaS Bundle that describes the business process, the abstract workflow, the concrete workflow, the deployment rules as well as the KPIs can be modelled and hence exported in a consolidated file, which is further processed by succeeding environments.

Further reading on BPaaS Design can be found here:


For details on the technical architecture, see Document

For details on the first BPaaS Prototype, see: Document

For details on the BPaaS Reference Models please contact the project coordinator.


BPaaS Evaluation Environment Prototype

The BPaaS Evaluation Environment uses a dashboard to combine high-level goal and measure definitions with concrete technical sensor data. The information harvesting is performed by third party cloud infrastructure sensors and a semantic timestream database. Semantic queries are performed to match domain specific goals, and key performance indicators that define the BPaaS with a combination of technical measures. The results of this matching between KPI model and KPI database is presented in a monitoring dashboard. The model-based dashboard is provided as results and can be used together with the sensor specific third party tools.

Further reading can be found here:

For details on the technical architecture, see Document

For details on the first BPaaS Prototype, see: Document

For details on BPaaS Monitoring and Evaluation Blueprints, see: Document 


BPaaS Design Environment Prototype (RESEARCH)

The research extension introduces semantic based smart mechanisms to select the corresponding workflow and service for a particular business process. Hence, the aforementioned prototype is used to test semantic technology.

Further reading on the extended semantic technology, can be found here:

For details on Business and IT Alignment, see Document

For details on Modelling Prototypes for BPaaS take a look at: Document