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0. All In one packages                
  COGITO Standalone Package

An easy to deploy and standalone package that contain all the applications demonstrated in the COGITO project. Only for demo and development purposes, not for production. Work only on x86 machines with Window OS.

Olive COGITO_1.1x86 Demo Experiment  

General presentation slides

Deliverable 6.3

Standalone Package
1. Process Design Tool                
  1.1 Construction Process Design Our process-oriented approach puts the construction process of railways in the centre in order to build a digital twin that is structured considering the construction process model, necessary resource allocations, corresponding time stamps, as well as additional domain-specific information that is provided by domain experts. BPMN+ Design Toolkit (Based on ADOxx 1.5) COGITO 1.0_A1.5 Introduction of Construction Process Modeling Technical Explanation of Construction Process Modeling Construction Process Design
Design Tools for Construction Process


  1.2 KPI Design The Construction process KPI design tool is an application build with ADOxx, a meta-modelling platform that allows to define your own meta-model and automatically generate the modelling environment for you accordingly it. KPI Design Toolkit (Based on ADOxx 1.5) COGITO 1.2_A1.5 Introduction of KPI Modeling and Mapping Interoperability Framework Technical Explanation of KPI Design
KPI Dashboard
Construction Process and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Design
Construction Process KPI Design Tool
KPI Dashboard
2. Process Simulation Tool                
  2.1 Knowledge Based Process Simulation The simulation of a construction process complements the monitoring by providing a forward-looking simulation of the renovation process and hence estimates the expected duration and execution time.

ADOxx 1.5


COGITO 1.1 Introduction of Simulation of Construction Process Technical Explanation of Simulation of Construction Process Knowledge-Based Process Simulation
Simulation of Construction Process
Knowledge Based Model Simulation
  2.2 Formal Verification The formal verification of the construction process support the simulation ensuring that the process is structurally correct

ADOxx 1.5


COGITO 1.1     Formal Verification Documentation Formal Verification
3. Physical Experiment                
  3.1 Construction process Experiment The physical experiment validate the created construction process model and evaluate the technologies to apply on the construction site OLIVE COGITO 1.1 Demo Experiment   Demo slides

Experiment Material

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